Batch Maker

Nestled in a cute development on the west side of town, the Batchmaker is whipping up wonderful cookies and treats each day. Drop into the store and choose from the items in their case or go on their website to place an order for pick up from the large menu online. Check them out on their website –

For our tasting we tried:
1) The Lion Cookie
2) PB and Reese Cookie
3) Birthday Cake Oreo
4) Brown Sugar Pop Tart.

The winners were: Birthday Cake Oreo and Brown Sugar Pop Tart

Tiff’s Treats

Tiff’s Treats we tried is located in the new development across from the Morrocroft Harris Teeter in Southpark (They also have a Waverly and Uptown location). You can pick up from their store or have them delivered. Cookies arrive warm and ready to eat! Visit their website:

For our tasting we tried:
1) Blueberry Muffin Cookie
2) Sprinkles Cookie

Both were winners!

Crumbl Cookies

We stopped by Crumbl cookies at Stonecrest to grab our cookies. Crumbl serves up a rotating menu of cookies along with ice cream. Visit their website –

For our tasting we tried:
1) Chocolate Chip
2) Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
3) Oreo
4) Chocolate Mallow Cupcake

The winners were Chocolate Chip & Chocolate Mallow Cupcake

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