October Home Maintenance Tips

We are back with your October home maintenance tips.  Regular home maintenance is an important part of home ownership and can help to head off more serious, more expensive home repairs.  Each month we provide you with a list of items to consider completing in October to keep your home in tip top shape.


Watch our video or keep reading to get all of the tips.

Segment 1: Indoor Maintenance Items

 Interior Comfort and Safety Starting indoors, let’s ensure a cozy and secure living space:

❄️ Vacuum Baseboard Heaters and Heating Grates: Keep indoor air quality pristine and heating systems efficient.

🔥 Test Detectors: Safety is paramount. Learn how to ensure your smoke and CO detectors are in top shape.

🏡 Maintain the Fireplace: Get your fireplace winter-ready, from chimney checks to firewood prep.

🧼 Clean Carpets and Area Rugs: Revive carpets and rugs and ensure even wear to maintain your indoor oasis.

🧹 Tidy Up Your Mudroom: Organize your mudroom, making it an efficient and welcoming space. 

Segment 2: Outdoor Maintenance Items

As autumn sweeps in, we kick off with exterior readiness:

🍂 Clean the Gutters: Don’t let those leaves clog your gutters! Learn the ins and outs of proper cleaning to safeguard against winter woes.

🌳 Trim Dead Tree Limbs: Enhance safety and curb appeal with expert tips on tree limb care.

🍁 Rake Your Leaves: Charlotte residents, find eco-friendly ways to handle falling leaves for a lush lawn next spring.

❄️ Disconnect Hoses and Shut Off Water: Prevent freezing by winterizing outdoor faucets and hoses.

By tackling these October home maintenance tasks now, you’ll enjoy a secure, cozy, and well-organized home all season long.