Nature’s Remedy: How Charlotte’s Greenway Enhances Your Wellbeing

Charlotte Greenway with Uptown View

Nature’s Remedy: How Charlotte’s Greenway Enhances Your Wellbeing Imagine strolling along a serene, leafy trail or sitting on a bench watching the sun set over a quiet pond—your body unwinds, your mood brightens, and stress melts away. Green spaces offer sanctuary from the hustle of daily life and, more importantly, a lifeline for our mental […]

Inside Scoop Episode 5: Lucky Dog Bark & Brew

Since we hung out with cats last time we thought it was only fair to give the dogs the spotlight this week. Check out Lucky Dog Bark & Brew in Wesley Heights. Grab a drink at the bar and then head out to the play area. Unleash your pooch and allow them to enjoy their […]

Inside Scoop Wanderer: Wandering Charleston

One of the benefits of living in Charlotte is the easy travel access that we have. Being a hub for American Airlines, it is easy to get to many destinations around the country and around the world. Charlotte is also within driving distance from many great places to visit – the beaches and the mountains […]

Inside Scoop Episode 2: Pasta & Provisions

Come explore Pasta and Provisions with us this week. A great local spot to grab lunch and a draft beer or glass of wine and a fabulous market with pantry and freezer staples to make your life easier. 3 Charlotte locations make it convenient for everyone to drop in and pick up pasta, premade meals […]