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Molly Zahn Harrison

Molly Zahn Harrison

Molly Zahn Harrison has been a Charlotte native since 1999. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Molly loves the south, the people.

Lauren Campe Realtor

Lauren Campe

Before her career in real estate, Lauren graduated from James Madison University and spent 10 years working in the sales industry in the DC metro area.

Ryann Bartmann

Ryann Bartmann was born in Erie, PA and moved to Columbia, SC when she was 11 years old. She comes from a background of 15 years in public relations and nursing.

Randi S. Feldmann Realtor

Randi S Feldman

Randi is all about connecting with people. A native New Yorker, Randi relocated to Charlotte to be near her family.  Randi comes from a medical background.