With the cost of groceries soaring and some items becoming harder to find it might be a great time to consider planting your own garden. Whether you want to dabble in herbs, plant a few key vegetables, or plant a large selection there are many ways to become an urban gardener. Your produce is fresher, you have control over what is put on your food, and it can save you from headaches when your go to ingredients are out of stock and save you money in the long run. Check out some resources below to help get you started.

What types of gardens can you plant? Some people do container gardening – pots of herbs or small vegetables that they can keep outside nearby to easy use. Other people create raised beds that contain their crops in neat above ground boxes that warm more quickly in the spring and drain better. Others choose full in ground beds with rows of produce.

Whatever your choice gardens can be a great addition to your home. See below for resources on becoming an urban farmer.


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